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Unity Bank is proud to partner with Elavon to offer you products and services to meet your demands in electronic transaction processing. For over 20 years, Elavon has been a leader in payment processing. Request more info>>

An elavon payment system provides...

  • Processing, settlement, and support for both credit cards and checks
  • Wide variety of user-friendly terminals with ability to accept credit cards, as well as local debit brands and foreign cards
  • Revenue generating programs including gift and loyalty cards
  • Easy to use online reporting so you can monitor your account anytime, allowing you to view your statements, as well as track your sales and payments
  • Technology that keeps data safe using encryption throughout the payment process 
  • Customer support and technical support available 24 hours a day 
  • Ability to process payments in a number of ways through Converge, which is a payment solution for processing debit and credit cards, electronic checks, electronic gift cards and EBT (electronic benefit transfer).

tell me more about converge...

  • Process your payments in-store, by mail or telephone order, or online
  • Converge allows you to utilize your existing hardware and payment infrastructure, which allows you to lower your upfront investment in a payment system
  • Ability to process debit and credit cards, electronic checks, electronic gift cards and EBT (electronic benefit transfer), as well as mobile wallets, using contactless, or "tap and pay" payment technology
  • Ideal for retail, restaurant, and service industries
  • Converge Mobile App also available

what can i do with the converge mobile app?

  • The Converge Mobile App can turn your tablet or smartphone into a checkout line, essentially allowing you to run your business from anywhere.
  • Record cash transactions 
  • Calculate discounts and sales tax
  • Apply tips on mobile device
  • Offer customers the option to receive receipts by email
  • The Converge Mobile App accepts credit and debit cards, including chip cards, as well as contactless mobile payments.

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