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Under the Unity Bank name, are three separate Bank Charters, Unity Bank North (Red Lake Falls, Mentor and Thief River Falls(LPO DPO)), Unity Bank Minnesota (which has 8 offices across the state of MN), and Unity Bank Wisconsin (Augusta, Fairchild, Fall Creek, and Neillsville). We were founded in Rush City MN in 1882. First State Bank of Rush City was organized on April 18, 1882, and was known as the oldest bank on the Northern Pacific Railway between the Twin Cities and Duluth. In 1910, the First National Bank was organized in Crosby, Minnesota as a National bank regulated by the OCC. Over time, First National Bank branched into Emily and Outing. In 1911, Security State Bank was organized in Pillager. In 1986, Security State Bank opened a branch in Staples. Another branch in Motley was opened too. In 1914 we opened Peoples State Bank in Augusta, Wisconsin. There were 12 original individual shareholders who invested a total of $30,000 to start Peoples State Bank. When the bank opened in 1914, there were two banks in town, Peoples State Bank and Augusta State Bank. The Augusta State Bank closed during the depression.

In the 1980’s, Glenn Solsrud purchased the ownership of the banks in Rush City, Crosby and Staples, to join the banks he owned in Red Lake Falls, MN, and Augusta, WI. The Solsrud family remains the sole shareholder of these 3 banks today. In 2005, all of the banks under the Solsrud ownership changed their names to Unity Bank East, Unity Bank Central and Unity Bank North. And on January 1, 2007, the charters of Crosby and Staples were merged with the Rush City Bank to become one Bank – Unity Bank. In 2015 Unity Bank purchased Nicolet National Bank in Neillsville and Fairchild Wisconsin.

The current deposits of the Unity Bank Group total over $416 million and the bank services over $432 million in loans. The current Chief Executive Officer is Rachel (Solsrud) Goodell.



We understand that respect is something that is earned, so everything we do at Unity Bank is done to earn your respect and to be a Financial Institution that other institutions strive to imitate.


In all areas of our bank, we are honest and transparent, so we can work to deserve your trust and respect. Our high standard for adherence to moral and ethical principles is what has made us your local, reliable, and strong bank for the last 135 years.


Our local offices sit at the heart of our communities, and we believe that investing in our communities is an integral part of our business and an essential part in contributing to our community growth. We make loans for our neighbors in town and on the farm, we invest in local businesses, and we support local community initiatives because we know our community bank depends on our communities.


A reliable bank is one that is accurate and dependable. One that is innovative and forward thinking that anticipates the needs of its customers. And one that the customer can rely on to put them at the center of everything we do.


As a pillar in our communities for over 135 years, Unity Bank is a strong financial institution that has been, and will continue to be an example of the highest moral and ethical principles in banking and customer service.